For inquiries, please call, email or address concerns to the following:

MaeBell Ward Foundation
3252 W Cullom Ave #2
Chicago, IL 60618
T: (773) 319.2893

Staff & Officers

  • Founder: D. Terron Edmonds
  • President: [vacant]
  • Director: Nora Behan
  • Social Media: [vacant]
  • Fundraising: Richard Rose
  • Treasurer: Janek Pedersen
  • Judicial: Anthony Pilla

Officer Bios

Terron Edmonds, Founder

After fundraising for the very successful, and memorable Dennis Devlin Memorial Run, Terron Edmonds decided to it was in his best interest to continue his philanthropic ways. After searching databases and career websites, Terron decided to raise funds for a cause that was dear to him. His Grandmother, MaeBell Ward, died from dementia in 2001. On August 24, 2011, the MaeBell Ward Foundation was created. The goal of the Foundation is to raise Funds for Alzheimer’s Research and its Caregivers. The Foundation is dear to Terron and he works tirelessly to spread awareness. Terron is an avid traveler; look for him at the Illinois Action Summit and National Alzheimer’s Conference in D.C., and always looking forward to expanding the brand to other countries and states.

Nora Behan, Director of Operations

Nora grew up in a south suburb of Chicago called Oak Lawn, Illinois. Luckily for her, Chicago was literally right across the street and her love for the city started at a young age. She later went on to attend DePaul University where she majored in Communications (Relational, Group and Organizational Theory to be exact) and minored in Sociology. She currently works for a disability law firm in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Nora serves as the Direction of Operations for the MaeBell Ward Foundation. She has taken her experiences from serving as her college sorority’s president and adviser, and channeled those into her current position. It is her duty to make sure that board meetings are held monthly, minutes are accounted for, events are photographed, and that minuscule details are taken care of.

In her spare time you will find Nora behind her camera. She has a passion for photography and loves getting behind her lenses, shooting both new and familiar locations. She also enjoys traveling, baking, and Chicago sports.

Richard Rose, Fundraising Chair

Richard is proud to be the fundraising chair of the MaeBell Ward Foundation. He hails from New York and has lived in Chicago since 2007. Alzheimer’s has affected quite a few members of his family, specifically his sister, who is surviving everyday with early-onset dementia. Richard’s sister has given him the motivation and drive to raise funds to end this debilitating disease. Richard has been a stand-up comic for close to 20 years and is a fantastic dresser.

Janek Pedersen, Treasurer

Janek works for an investment advisory firm in Chicago where he focuses on helping clients manage their wealth. He has worked in the financial industry for the past 8 years. Janek considers his work to be both challenging and rewarding. He believes that an attention to detail and always going the extra step are both keys to building a successful career.

Janek serves as the Treasurer for the MaeBell Ward Foundation. His experience in finance helps him seek out opportunities to lower costs and increase the overall funds raised by the foundation. As Treasurer of the foundation he focuses on maintaining thorough and accurate records of the foundations day to day operations.

In his spare time Janek enjoys jogging along the lakefront with his dog and also testing his culinary skills with new recipes at home. As an avid Chicago sports fan, Janek is always excited to attend a game whenever possible.

Anthony Pilla, Judicial Chair

Anthony grew up in Stillwater, MN a town just outside the Twin Cities. He moved to Chicago  in 2005 to attend DePaul University where he received a bachelor’s degree in finance.  Anthony has spent the last 12 years working as a manager for Target. During his time there he has learned the importance of developing great relationships with people in order to reach a common goal.

Currently Anthony serves on the executive board of the MaeBell Ward Foundation as the Judicial Chair.  When not facilitating the positions duties, he volunteers at Foundation events and fundraisers.