The Foundation is dedicated to the memory of a great woman, MaeBell Ward.
A viciously loyal woman, grandmother, cousin, and active church member.

MaeBell Ward was born December 10th, 1945 in Greenwood, Mississippi. Having only one child, Pamela Childress, MaeBell formed a strong bond with her daughter. This bond would get even stronger when MaeBell was stricken with stage one┬ádementia at the age of 47. She BATTLED for 9 long years, until the disease took her away shortly after celebrating her 56th birthday on┬áDecember 15, 2001… A wonderful life cut so short.

On August 24, 2011, the MaeBell Ward Foundation was established. Help us as we crusade to stop this terror that has such a vice grip on not only Americans, but people worldwide.