Bitchin’ Purge: Real Service Industry. Real Stories 3/3/13

Jerry’s Wicker Park 1938 W. Division, Chicago, IL
Trust us: You can’t make this stuff up.

An experimental story slam featuring real Chicago service industry telling bizarre stories about weird customers and the biz. 

A $5 donation will support the MaeBell Ward Foundation’s efforts to cure alzheimer’s disease:

featuring a standup comedy set from CYSK’s Danny Kallas (

Speakers include: Ryan Matusik, Laura Hugg, Brian Hawkins, Alec Pinkston, Matt Lovin, Mike Makings, Alex Shields, Steve Shields, Paul Kim, Chad Daugherty, and more.

Featuring a killer soundtrack by Scott Thompson, aka Cock Diesel, aka Thick Rich Lather of the Sick Day Morning Comedy Show.